Finger jointed European Oak panels consist of small parts of wood, which are glued together by means of fitting figures (fingers). Finger jointing is therefore a bonding technique used to lengthen wood. Finger jointed panels are more stable and available in longer lengths.


A/B quality
B/B quality
A/B quality FSC® certified

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Finger jointed - AB

(Homé Hout, 2024)

Finger jointed - BB

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(Homé Hout, 2024)

Finger jointed - AB - FSC® certified

FSC®-certified, 40 x 650 x 3000 mm, slats width: 4,0 cm 
(Homé Hout, 2024)
Finger jointed - B/C - FSC© certified (in plastic)
Sizes: 40 x 800 x 4200 mm
Click on the picture to enlarge . (Homé Hout, 2024)