Mixed Hardwoods finger jointed timber boards consist of a mix of shorter parts of wood, which causes a more lively look. Mixed Hardwood panels are created from a mix of residual wood with connections in the color of medium brown, orange-yellow or red. Mixed hardwood panels are offered in PHND quality. This abbreviation stands for Pinholes No Defect. Small pinholes of maximum 1 mm are allowed and are completely harmless. All our Mixed Hardwood timber boards are FSC® certified. Note well: Glued panels are very sensitive to humidity or humidity fluctations. To guarantee quality an order of wood panels will be prepared last-minute.

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Mixed hardwood timber boards - Finger jointed, PHND quality, FSC® certified

Mixed hardwood panels, 20 x 650 x 3000 mm. Click on the picture to enlarge (Homé Hout, 2024)