European Elm (Homé Hout, 2024)
European Elm (Homé Hout, 2024)
Common Name(s): European Elm
Scientific Name: Ulmus × hollandica
Distribution: Europe
Tree Size: 25-35 m tall, 1-1.5 m trunk diameter
Average Dried Weight: 575 kg/m3 (MC12%)
Color/Appearance: Heartwood is light to medium reddish brown. Paler sapwood is usually well defined.
Grain/Texture: Grain is interlocked (making it very resistant to splitting). With a somewhat coarse, uneven texture.
Rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable; susceptible to insect attack. Living trees are susceptible to Dutch elm disease.
Workability: Can be a challenge to work because of interlocked grain, especially on quartersawn surfaces. Planing can cause tearout and/or fuzzy surfaces. Poor dimensional stability. Glues, stains, and finishes well. Responds well to steam bending, and holds nails and screws well.
Common Uses: Boxes, baskets, furniture, hockey sticks, veneer, wood pulp, and papermaking.

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Square edged European Elm
27 x 205 mm
27 x 240 mm


Square edged European Elm - KD, Ulmus Hollandica, Quality MIX, 27 mm, fixed widths
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Dutch Elm boules / unedged boards - KD, Ulmus Hollandica
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Elm tree slices
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