Cambara (Homé Hout BV, 2024)
Cambara (Homé Hout BV, 2024)
Common Name(s): Cambara, Quarubarana, Jaboty
Scientific Name: Erisma Uncinatum
Distribution: Brasil, Guyana and Suriname
Tree Size: 30-40 m tall, average trunk diameter 1m
Average Dried Weight: 600 kg/m3 (MC 12%)
Wood description: The heartwood of Cambara is red, red-brown and purple-brown.  In contrast, it has clearly distinguishable 30-140 mm wide sapwood in gray-white color. In general, Cambara has an even structure. The quarter sawn surface shows a calm appearance without drawing and in a flat surface a fine flame pattern can be found. In addition, traumatic resin canals (sometimes filled with white resin) occur regularly. Cambara may discolour slightly due to the light, but this process will be staged.
Workability: Easy to work with
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Square edged Cambara - Kiln dried
27 mm
Fixed widths 30,5 cm
275 cm